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 ABOUT US                             

We are Procurement experts.

We serve companies or consultancies when they need to make procurement deliver.

We offer change management, advisory services and interim management.

We are not life-long consultants, we understand the reality of managing teams in a real company environment.


Started on the basis of 25 years of in company experience by Emmanuel Bernoux, recognized Procurement leader and Award Winner, who has delivered successful transformation and result-focused projects in Belgium and globally.


Our team brings together the capabilities which customers need for their procurement projects. 

We can operate in English, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish if needed.


 OUR VISION                             

At EBEL, we are strong believers that : 

  • Suppliers and external partners are a unique source of innovation, quality and cost efficiency for any company.


  • Under an Experienced and Innovative Procurement leadership, they can become key providers of competitive advantage.

  • Investment in People capabilities and motivation, as well as in IT will enhance this advantage and make it more sustainable.

 OUR EXPERTISE                     
  • ROI-focused projects​​

    • No Cure no Pay Supplier Spend Budget​

    • Sourcing, Re-sourcing

    • TCO & Best Cost Initiatives

  • Enabler-focused Projects 

    • 3-Phase Maturity  Journey

    • Process Design & Implementation

  • E-Procurement Projects 

    • Source-to-Contract​

    • P2P (Procure-To-Pay)

  • Leveraging Digital Transformation​ with Suppliers, in addition to technology

  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) compliance in your supplier base

  • Negoti​ation Projects

    • Methodology, Preparations​​

    • Real case training
  • People Capabilities and Motivation Projects ​

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